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Statecode error on Org Entities for Lookups & Two Option fields "undefined"

Jan 6, 2016 at 8:52 PM
We setup the grid on the Opportunity page for Competitors and ran into a few issues.
  1. We tried to configure it for the Many To Many relationship for Competitors and couldn't get that to work. It threw an error that the value parameter was undefined. Not really a big deal since we created a custom entity to join Opportunity and Competitors and that worked.
  2. With the custom entity it has a lookup for Competitor on the record. When we add that field to the grid and lookup a value we get an error. Statecode is not a valid field on Competitor. I'm assuming that you're adding that behind the scenes as I don't see it in the options for the configuration.
  3. We have a "Two Options" field on the custom entity. When we add that to the fetchxml it shows up as "undefined" below and I can't edit it. The grid renders but no value is populated. I tried it with picklists and those work fine but the two options field does not. I could always convert it to a picklist column but then I would need to migrate the data over.
I'm wondering if these issues have been identified and on the radar to fix soon? If not, how long before they can be investigated. My customer is wanting to release these changes in the next month or so and would like to include this functionality because the users really love it.


Daren Turner
Microsoft Premier Field Engineer